Services & Expertise

The Mission of Diamond Head Acupuncture is to be a partner in wellness for our patients through the disciplines of pulse diagnosis, acupuncture, moxibustion, bodywork (including back-walking and cranial-sacral therapy), medicinal martial arts, lifestyle self-healing practices and wellness education into custom treatments suited to each particular individual’s constitution and current condition.

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Integrative Acupuncture

Anti-Anxiety Protocol

Anxiety is a contemporary epidemic. Unlike many other common chronic conditions anxiety can be particularly difficult to deal with because it is largely invisible, internal, and unpredictable in its manifestations. The Diamond Head Anti-Anxiety protocol is a multi-faceted approach that centers around patient education on the mechanics of stress, simple daily practices to build resiliency, and acupuncture to relieve and retrain the nervous system.

Pain Management

Whether from acute injury, chronic overuse, or postural imbalance Mana Spring Acupuncture’s pain management protocol is one of the cornerstone’s of our practice. Our multi-pronged approach is designed to address the current condition as well as root causes of pain; giving relief in the present while teaching approaches to prevent recurrence of pain in the future.